Go Go Sailing


How I adore sailing

Our entrance into Bisevo is a lovely surprise as we unexpectedly find ourselves in an enclosed bay of crystal clear turquoise waters on a sandy bottom and round the island's eastern tip. The anchor is down and we are over the side. This swim lifts our spirits with a feeling that we're cruising at last and gets ten out of ten. The low cliffs encircling the bay have curious linear constructions assembled into them which look man made, but perhaps due to erosion.

It had to be great to be true and it was. Just before sundown advise us and the Park Rangers come alongside we cannot anchor there but can go on a buoy that they touch us up for Euro 25 for the nighttime on the mooring. Never mind, although we should have seen that coming, it turned out to be a wonderful spot to be.

An extremely powerful drive is now the protect the marine environment from the damage done by anchors on Poseidon grass, which we never anchor on grass because of this and are very conscious of. We do support this especially when we see anchors being lifted with great clumps and roots tangled in them. This damage is not sustainable.


And the next is....

As an elective action you get the opportunity to go Whitewater rafting in Krvavica, something I recommend everyone. The cost you cover the amount of hours you are on the water is ridiculously cheap and the encounter is unforgettable - particularly in 8 degree water through a cave! The scene along the way reminded me of home, actually dramatic. For all you non-adventuresome people out there, this Whitewater rafting is really tons of pleasure and is nothing frightening!
It was great having a tour leader as Laura that is each day would give us a brief outline on our up and coming destination, then once on land she'd take us on a fast orientation stroll to get our bearings. On three of the isles accredited tour guides, which gave us the chance to learn a lot more about this island or coastal city also showed around us. I discovered personal narratives and the information they told very fascinating and really informative.
In Google you will find many associations, where you can charter yacht in Croatia .
Dining out was a joy at every stop and we were constantly taken by Tom to the restaurants that are best but most affordable at every location. It was wonderful having a tour leader as the most understand the extremely good spots to eat and drink, unlike carrying it out yourself and just trusting you pick good restaurants. To a chartered yacht we came back after a yacht that was lovely. It proved to be a day that is marvelous!


Now we are heading to

We left really early and headed to Mljet today. In the National Park there is the most amazing lakes. When we arrived we headed into the park and caught the ferry over to St Mary's Island to see an old monestry. After lunch we went swimming and headed to the lakes and we truly sunbathed the weather was so wonderful. It's about time. for dinner we had a wonderful Captains dinner - a barbecue it was tasty.

We went for a walk along the walls of the citadel that encompasses the chief town of Split the views were amazing and headed into the town. After this stroll along the walls, we headed to a place called the Hole in the Wall, where you'll be able to get drinks and Nick leapt from the rocks into the ocean. Split is a city that is beautiful. We went to a lovely local restaurant for our last dinner together. Marta was surprised by Martin with a birthday cake as it was her birthday that night. We slowly floated back to the boat headed out for some drinks and after that.


Sailing trip through Croatia - The next day

If you wanted to dance until dawn and were with several buddies, you win. (This isle simply got better and better.)

The countryside may look peaceful and calm, but the locals joke that every stone holds a hidden cannon. In fact, there are 13 kilometers of submarine and atomic bomb tunnels on the isle. We went into one of them that looked out onto the sea. But it was time to play the waters again. We discovered a submarine tunnel jump off and to swim into and cruised about Sukosan. (That's a deep, deep plunge, and I did not attempt it.){ We took a dingy into the blue grotto off Ugljan overseen by an officious, thuggish guy who asked for a nominal but bothersome "entrance fee."

I was so joyful we chartered a yacht! We sat in the sunshine, playing music leaping off the side and dropped anchor within an empty cove. We failed to discover WiFi and discussed and napped, read books.


Croatian See

Ragusa - phrases fail us. An unique city with incredible background. So beautiful we can-not think. Constructed of early and white stone, streets shone to a shine - which picks up the light at night - by the many toes which have walked here over the centuries. This is a disgrace to leave so early but our bus goes at 8.30pm and we are feeling a little exhausted.
All is serene on our return therefore we gratefully stack into bed and are asleep. It's the familiar howling of the wind which wakes us to find that Daisy is straining at the mooring line and getting the wind on her port bow, to ensure that we are lying at an angle against the City wall. We quickly assemble another line to the central cleat on the port-side, back to the wall and on to some winch. This seems straighten us up a bit and to assist.